Java Photo Album

JPhotoAlbum is a Java desktop application for quickly browsing, organizing and commenting digital photographs and publishing the resulting albums as web pages. Albums are saved in XML formatted files whic are transformed to HTML with XML stylesheets.

The photos in have been organized and published using this program.

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4.1 or later is required to run JPhotoAlbum: you can download it from

The easiest way to run JPhotoAlbum is using Java Web Start. Simply click here to download and run the program (you just have to trust it by clicking Start since I don't have a certificate from any global name authority). The Java Web Start will make sure that you are always running the latest version (you can still run it off-line as well, it just won't get updated until you connect again).

See the Help/Contents in the program menu to get started with the program!

You can also install a local copy, simply download and unzip it to a single directory, then use command "java -jar JPhotoAlbum.jar" to start the JPhotoAlbum. In Windows you can also start it by double clicking the JPhotoAlbum.jar. The zip file contains the following packages (note that the JPhotoAlbum.jar inside the zip file may be a bit old, if the Help/About version is older than listed in the version history below, please update it from the link below):

Version history

JPhotoAlbum Copyright ©  2005-2009 Jari Karjala <>, Tarja Hakala <>.

JPhotoAlbum Java source code available from:
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